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Chuck Flap Tail-Choice Angus (5-7 lbs)
Chuck Flap Tail-Choice Angus (5-7 lbs)



6 lb


Flap steak is a delicious, budget friendly cut of sirloin beef. The cut is much thinner and longer than a top sirloin, because it comes from the bottom sirloin butt, which is near where a beef tri-tip comes from.

About the Farm:

Our ranchers raise Creekstone Farms Black Angus Beef and All-Natural Duroc Pork with a deep respect for community and authenticity. We are committed to producing consistently superior beef and pork that provide bold taste experiences that you simply won’t find anywhere else — that consistent experience is why restaurants, butcher shops and their customers are all drawn back to continue their culinary adventures with Creekstone Farms.


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