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More Beef Products List...
More Beef Products List...

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1 ea

These products are available on request. Put details in notes, and I'll confirm.

Bottom Round $10.99/lb

Top Round $9.99/lb

Eye of Round $12.99/lb

Sirloin Tip $12.99

Cross Rib $11.99/lb

Chuck Bone-In $8.99/lb

Short Ribs Boneless $13.99/lb

Short Loin $19.99/lb

Strip Loin Boneless $22.99/lb

Osso Buco $9.99/lb

Flap Steak $14.99

Stir Fry $11.99/lb

Knuckle Bones $4.99/lb

Spine Bones $4.99/lb

Tongue $11.99/lb

Cheek $8.99/lb

Liver $6.99/lb

Heart $9.99

Ground Beef & Bacon $9.99/lb


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